Sunday, May 23, 2010

Book Review: The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott

The Lost Summer of Louisa May AlcottI read The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott at the request of a fellow blogger. She asked me to read it first to let her know if she should read it as well. So, it is with fear and trepidation that I submit this review. I actually don't know if I recommend it or not. I cannot say I LOVED it, but there was nothing in it that was especially objectionable or disagreeable (except, perhaps, the love scene in the middle of the book). I think I will let other bloggers say what I cannot seem to say about the book, then let you know where I agree or disagree.

Where I agree:

Lovely Little Shelf said: "I did read it fairly quickly and enjoyed it for what it was: a historical fiction version of brain candy. I didn’t have to think to read this and the story didn’t get me wrapped up. It was one of those books that I enjoyed while I read it and didn’t give it a minute’s thought when the book wasn’t in my hand."

Devourer of Books said: "I have to say, her father drove me crazy! Idealism is one thing, but he didn’t seem to have even a modicum of practicality."

Mrs O'Dell Reads said: "The love story was a little predictable, and the Louisa May Alcott character felt slightly one-dimensional. Fiery, temper-driven, myopic in her drive, this Louisa not only plays against assumptions about the woman behind the story but also reduces her to an archetype.

While it is not complex or probing, The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott is a nice, light read — perfect for the beach or an afternoon on the porch."

Where I disagree:

Life in the Thumb said: "There wasn't a flawed moment in this story. It was seamless, perfect, and convincing."

Luxury Reading said: "Though Joseph Singer was not a real person in Louisa's life, he felt incredibly warm and real to me; his pain and anguish at losing the love of his life was extremely authentic."

I think I would give this one 3 stars out of five. Good, but not wonderful for me.

So, there you are. For whatever it's worth.

(I checked this book out of the local library.)


Carrie said...

=D Ok.So I'm thinking that this book is fun - but not terribly remarkable and therefore if I had a chance to read it, I'd take it, but I dont think I'd go out of my way...

Framed said...

I think I will just pass on this book.

Jennifer @ Mrs. Q: Book Addict said...

I've seen a lot of mixed reviews on this one. I guess, the only way to find out is to read it for yourself. I did add this to my wishlist, but i'm not sure if it is for me.