Thursday, June 3, 2010

Book Review: Theological Terms in Layman Language by Martin Murphy

Theological Terms in Layman LanguageI received Theological Terms in Layman Language from the author and when it came in the mail, I thought it looked like a good resource for anyone who might want a handy guide for those terms that one may be unfamiliar with. You know, like when your pastor is preaching and he says one of those long words that he learned in seminary and you write it down, hoping someone could tell you what it means.

Well, I looked inside the book and was instantly impressed with how thorough it is. And because I saw so many terms in it that I didn't know, I asked my pastor to read it and tell me what he thought. He took it and told me he liked it. He said it seems to be quite theologically sound. I think this is one I can recommend to any serious student of Christian theology and doctrine. It's a really useful tool for your home or church library.

Available from Amazon.

You can read more about Mr. Murphy's book from his website.

(Thanks to Martin Murphy for sending me a copy of this book for review.) 

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