Friday, December 3, 2010

Book Review: God Loves Single Moms by Teresa Whitehurst

I received God Loves Single Moms from Revell for review and, I'll be honest, it has a lot of good advice in it for single moms. And I'm sure some single mothers would benefit from reading it. However, I feel that most of the content could have been found in almost any book that has the same type of advice for families.

For example, one chapter is devoted to finances, which most of us need help with. Although the author spoke directly to single moms, if you take out just a few sentences, she could be talking to anyone who needs tips for dealing with money. She explains how to establish goals and ways to meet those goals by reading books and enlisting the help of others. Here is the prayer that is at the end of the chapter:

God Loves Single Moms: Practical Help for Finding Confidence, Strength, and Hope"Lord, I know being a single mother requires discernment, sensitivity, and wise decision making. I will rely on your guidance as I develop my leadership and mothering skills, and I pray for the confidence I need to become the kind of CEO that my family needs."

Now, that's a great prayer, but couldn't any of us pray that prayer (except, of course, the last part, because married women are not the "CEOs" of their families)? Why is it just a prayer of a single mom?

Another chapter is on organization. It includes a section on "Which Organization/Cleaning Type Are You?" where you read the three types (generally organized, generally disorganized, and partially organized) and from that you learn tips on what would help that "type". I didn't see much that would not be in any organizing book.

And the chapters on "Restoring Your Faith and Confidence", "Taking Care of Your Child", "Your Child's Behavior", and "When You're Tired and Tempted" are more of the same: advice for any parent, not just single moms.

The only chapter I think would be especially helpful for single mothers is the chapter entitled "Yor Child's Father". In this chapter, the author stressed good communication, speaking well of your spouse, and being careful not to hold on to negative thoughts regarding your children's father. (Hm...... not bad advice for all wives, hm?)

One more thing: there are several places in the book where the author wrote little pieces called "The Bright Side of Single Mothering". These (I think) are there to help the single mom feel better about her situation. I think they actually sound arrogant and silly. Here's an example:

"You can be more spontaneous. You don't have to consult with or get approval from anyone before going to the park or the movies or having a relaxed mother-child evening with children's videos or take-out pizza."

(I suppose I should get permission from my husband to sit down with my children and watch a movie from now on. I didn't realize I was so burdened by being married.)

Anyway, I don't want to be saying that this book is not at all beneficial. I just don't think that I would have bought it (if I were a single mom). I give God Loves Single Moms 2 1/2 out of 5 stars.

“Available November 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”

(I received this book from Revell for review purposes. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review. All opinions expressed are completely my own.)

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