Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blogmania is Here!!!

The Sweet Serenity of Books

The love of learning, the sequestered nooks,
And all the sweet serenity of books." ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Today is the BIG day! BLOGMANIA!!! Your chance to win all sorts of great prizes from 170 different bloggers and their sponsors!

Thanks for coming to this blog to enter. Here is what I have for you (click on the book cover or the book title to learn more about the book from Amazon):

Juliet - an ARC of Juliet by Anne Fortier(see review of this book above)

And since the theme of this giveaway is The Sweet Serenity of Books, I decided to include a teacup, a box of assorted teas, and a package of cookies to enjoy with your books! What else would you need on a lazy afternoon to keep you warm and cozy?

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, the Sweet Serenity of Books!

For a chance to win, just give me your name, email address, and the title of one of your favorite books of 2010 (so far). The giveaway ends at midnight, September 16 and I will choose a winner on Friday, Sept. 17. The winner will be posted on this blog on or before Monday, September 20.

Remember, you MUST give your name, email, and favorite book title of 2010 in your comment. Any comment without all three will not qualify. (If you would like to follow this blog, that will be GREAT, but is not required to enter the giveaway.) Also, this giveaway is for U.S. residents only.

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Katy F. said...

Katy F.
One of my favorites reads this year was Shanghai Girls by Lisa See.

Elise said...

Elise R.
caliblue7 at gmail dot com
Favorite of 2010 is probably Hush Hush.

Deb K said...

My favorite was As Husbands Go
By Susan Isaacs!

Deb K


janflora said...

I think Year of the FLood by Margaret Atwood was my favorite so far. Pretty sure its 2010 :)
I'm new here, following on twitter now as I am also a book lover and I love the name of your blog!

van_pham said...

Favorite read of 2010 so far is Changeless by Gail Carriger.

Van P.

JoAnna said...

Joanna Reynolds
and my fav book is got to be...
Shanghai took me along time to finally finish it, but I did and I'm glad....The cover is what caught my eye to pick it up:))

Cathy W said...
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Cathy W said...

Cathy Wallace
I have to go with Shanghai Girls by Lisa See.
cjwallace43 at gmail dot com

Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

Thank you for the chance and I'm already a follower (I know it's not a requirement, just thought I'd let you know)! My favorite book of 2010 so far is Venetia Kelly's Traveling Show by Frank Delaney

Michelle @ The True Book Addict

susan said...

Just finished reading Driving with Dead People.
susanerios at

Missy said...

One of my favorite books read this year is Beautiful Malice, by Rebecca James.


Crazy Cat Lady said...

My favorite so far this year is Mozart's Blood by Louise Marley - it's an awesome and intricately-woven story, and not at all like the typical vampire books that are everywhere nowadays. I almost didn't read it because it had vampires in it and I was tired of them, but I was amazingly and quite happily surprised!

Crazy Cat Lady

iLabyrinth said...


Favorite book in 2010 is Dark Flame by Alyson Noel! I love her novels!

Melissa said...

I'd have to go with Mozart's Blood as my favorite book this year:)

Thanks for the awesome giveaway:)
Melissa S.

nicole s said...

Nicole S
My favorite book of 2010 is Hide by Lisa Gardner

mkjmc said...

I read "THe Last SOng

Mina Burrows said...

Of 2010....probably Richelle Mead's Spirit Bound. There are tons of other books so it's hard to choose.

Mina Burrows
minaburrows1 (@) gmail (dot) com

Jenna Wood said...

Kushiel's Legacy by Jacqueline Carey

Jenna M Wood

six_one_nine_girlie (at) yahoo (dot) com

Marcie said...

One of my favorite reads this year is The Hunger Games my Suzanne Collins

Thanks, Marcie

Tanya said...

Tanya Maxemow

Favorite book is really hard for me beacuse I have so many. I really liked debut novel Raised by Wolves. It was a really good story that I read and was able to pass on to my daughter to read as well.

Eoywin said...

Mandy Horetski

One of my favorite reads of this year was Angel in the Shadows Book One by Lisa Grace

adge said...

Fav. book so far: The Silent Governess.

Inspired Kathy said...

bkhabel at gmail dot com
Parnormalcy is a favorite.

Felissa Hadas said...

Oh wow I might have to go with Shanghai Girls as well like one of your other entries. I love Lisa See and have read almost all of her books. I am a hug fan of books set in China Hong Kong and Japan.



Steve Capell said...

My favorite read so far in 2010 is Enemies Amoung Us by Bob Hamer. My all time favorite read is The Edger Sawtelle Story! I would love to win this giveaway. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway.


Book Groupie said...

Erin Golsen

Hard to choose, but Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins has probably been my favorite book so far this year.

BRN2SHOP9 said...


My favorite book of 2010 is Insatiable by Meg cabot!

The Green MomSter said...


elkmeese at yahoo dot com

I just read harvesting the heart by jodi picoult which i love and also Dear John by Nicholas sparks

jacmom said...

Jacinda H.


Favorite book of 2010 is Lover Mine, by J.R. Ward

Eileen (Books R Us) said...

eileen at booksrusonline dot com

My favorite book was The Hyptonist

Atypical Girl said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

Amy S.
artsyrockerchick at aim dot com

P.S. So far....Permission to Speak Freely has been my fave book of 2010.

Hannah said...

Most favorite 2010 book is Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas. AWESOME!

Jennifer said...

Mine is Make ahead meals jk{dot}gorcery{at}gmail{dot}com

jgriffin1018 said...

Jennifer G.

My favorite book of the year so far is Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews.

Mary Ann said...

Mary DeBorde
zenrei57 (at) hotmail (dot) com

My favorite read for 2010 was
Dead Tossed Waves by Carrie Ryan!

Three Little Monkeys said...

Kelly H.

My fav read so far for 2010 is She Walks in Beauty by Siri Mitchell.

Flufferwuffer said...

Chelsea F
Through Stone and Sea by Barb and JC Hendee

Beth said...

Beth Willis

English Trifle by Josi Kilpack

Marie said...

Marie Lay

One of my favorite reads this year was Katie Up and Down the Hall

Jen Lamoureux said...

Jen Lamoureux

My fav book in 2010 was...Paranormalcy by Keirsten White

mizzlizzbeck said...

Liz Beckwith
beckwithliz [at] rocketmail [dot] com
One of my favorite reads this year has been Mockinjay by Suzanne Collins. Some people didn't like the way she ended the series, but I found that it really resonated with me. Great book.

Anonymous said...

Vicki N.


So far my favorite book of 2010 has been "Still Missing" by Chevy Stevens.

Another Book Junkie said...

Amanda Harris
The first book that comes to mind which was released in 2010, is Rules of Attraction. However, I think the best I've read in 2010, is Hush, Hush.

Autumn said...

Autumn Crochet
autumn . crochet (at) gmail. com
My favorite book of 2010 so far is a toss up between The Passage by Justin Cronin and Backseat Saints by Joshilyn Jackson. Two books that are totally nothing alike!!

Colleen Turner said...

What a wonderful giveaway! My email is and my name is Colleen Turner. My favorite book I have read this year, by far, is The Hand That First Held Mine by Maggie O'Farrell. You cannot go wrong with this book!

Busy Working Mama said...

Thanks for the chance!
Aleksandra N.
aleksa91 hotmail
My recent favorite was "Damaged" by Pamela Callow

vhubler said...

Velvet Hubler
My recent fav is Stolen by Jordan Grey

debbie said...

One of my favorite books so far this year is the last child.

Kel said...

Kelly M.: My favorite book so far is Take 4. I love Karen Kingsbury.

RivkaBelle said...

One of the best reads of 2010 (so far!): My Name is Memory by Ann Brashares

This is an amazing giveaway, here's hoping! :o)

Judy said...

My favorite book is always the last one I have read :) That would be CEO's Don't Cry by Joselyn Vaughn.

Judy Cox

carrieb said...

I think my fave book this year is Cleopatra's Daughter. Have so many other favorites, but that's most recent ;)

jakiesmom said...

my favorite book this year wasthe cook book deceptively deliscious...on how to sneak veg into my son!
nan lara

Annie said...

I have not read a book that was released this year! YIKES! But I did hear MockingJay was really good this year.

annie.shultz at

Audrey said...

Audrey G.
I loved Before I Fall.

dustthouart said...

I've been doing mostly classics that are "new to me" this year... I read Sylvester by Georgette Heyer for the first time recently, that was a lot of fun.

Casey said...

My favorite title so far is THree Wishes. Its a compelling story. Thanks, Casey.


Katherine said...

My favorite this year? Solitary by Travis Thrasher, hands down. :)

Katherine Matuszak

Mami said...

Brown Bear, Brown Bear...okay...I know that wasn't what you were looking for but it is my fave read because my daughter ADORES it and there is nothing like the love of books in children!

Thank you for the chance,
floridafrugalfamily (at) yahoo Dot Com

stacythemagnificentmommy said...

Stacy Hancock
hancoci_s at msn dot com
I don't get to read a lot of new books(or i should say, go even find what is new and out there), I'm re reading the 7th Harry Potter right now. And Professional Blogging for Dummies LOL

Stephie C said...

It isn't a new book but new to me this year "The Red Tent" I have been suggesting it to everyone!
sunni08 at gmail dot com

Betty: Reflections with Coffee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Betty: Reflections with Coffee said...

My favorite read was ROOM - coming out this week.
bmcbroom at gmail dot com

ape2016 said...

April Yedinak
and my favorite book this year so far has been Halo, but I can't wait to get my hands on Crescendo, so we will have to see. Haha!

LB said...

My name is LB.

petrellinyc-blog at yahoo dot com

throuthehaze said...

Raelena P.
throuthehaze at gmail dot com
The Darkest Lie by Gena Showalter

Drea Becraft said...

Drea Becraft

Oh there has been so many Kresley Cole, J.R. Ward, Gena Showalter.

sunnymum said...

Colleen P.
This year I particularly enjoyed Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah. Sweet Serenity of Books is a great theme!
cbeargie at

Jeannine said...

Jeannine m
One of my fav reads this year was Under the Dome by Stephen King

mellanhead74 at

Meg said...

Great giveaway! My name is Meg, my email is, and one of my favorite books so far this year is She Walks in Beauty.

Janice said...

one of my favorite reads this year is Thr3e by Ted Dekker.

Carol M said...

My favorite read so far this year is What the Dead Know by Laura Lippman.
mittens0831 at aol dot com

elaine cantrell said...

My favorite title this year is The House on Tradd Street by Karen White.

My email is

Elizabeth said...

Elizabeth H.

I had a baby this year so i havent gotten to read as much as i'd like, but my favorite book so far has been

The Dark Portal by Robin Jarvis.

susan said...

This is a great giveaway and I think my favorite books this year is Nora Roberts bridal series. I am susan L and email is

Andrea I said...

Andrea - my favorite was Black Dust Mambo.

Alyce said...


akreese (at) hotmail (dot) com

It's really hard to pick a favorite, but one of my favorites that I read this summer was The Caliph's House: A Year in Casablanca by Tahir Shah.

samantha35 said...

Favorite book this year is the hunger games

great giveaway

Jessi E. said...

Jessi E.
jlelliott08 AT gmail DOT com

My favorite book of 2010 is Clockwork Angel.

Thanks so much for this giveaway!

Tethered Mommy said...

Hmm, my favorite book of 2010 - She's Gone Country by Jane Porter.

Maggie C
maggie at tethered mommy dot com

vokalchick said...

My favorite book of 2010 is Mockingjay! It was great!

Saba M.

Julie said...

Julie L

One of my favorite reads in 2010 is Firefly Lane by Kristin H
thanks for the giveaway

scottsgal said...

My fave read this year is Fireworks Over Toccoa
thanks for the chance
msboatgal at

Renkellym said...

Tough choice! I'd say my favorite book of 2010 thus far is Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Tabathia said...

Tabathia B
Fav book so far this year is live to tell by lisa gardner
tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

ahilton09 said...


my fav book so far this year is The Inn at Angel Island, by Thomas Kincaid

Pamela Keener said...

My favorite book so far this year was Sarah's Key.
Thanks so much for the giveaway.
Love & Hugs,

AEKZ2 said...

Annette E
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest

BJ said...

Love your blog.... :0)
BJ Gaskill
My Fave book so far this year....
Born to Bite, Lynsay Sands.

Book Sake said...

Jessica B
The Fall: Book 2 of the Strain Trilogy by Guilermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan - loved it!!

Ida Mae said...

Thanks for hosting!
ida_mai at hotmail dot com

CindyWindy2003 said...

Great prizes, Cynthia Rafferty, best books read in 2010 was Cutting for Stone and The Book Thief, carawling(at)hotmail(Dot)com

Ashley said...


basicallyamazingbooks [at] gmail [dot] com

My 3 favorites of this year were If I Stay, Before I Fall and Wintergirls. All amazing books that I found very moving.

Tiffany Christie said...

Tiffany Christie
....Tiffypoot @ (
I just read Think of a Number by John Verdon and loved it

Christa said...

ambience.of.rain {at}
A favorite book? Maze Runner by James Dashner was really good - made me want the sequel! : )

Wenj said...


I think my favorite book this year has been 'The Passage'. While it was a monster of a book I just couldn't put it down for two days straight!

Jess said...

A great book I recently read was Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah
Thanks for the great giveaway!

Kristina said...

My favorite book of 2010 so far has been Spells by Aprilynne Pike. Oh my GOSH it was such a good book! I really can't wait for the third novel of it (which was titled Illusions! =D)

Thank you for the opportunity to win! :)


Linda Kish said...

Linda K

A Maze of Grace

Thanks for the chance to win.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

Ashley said...

Ashley H.
hewella1 at gmail dot com
My fave book of 2010 is Dead in the Family.

Rex Robot Reviews said...

Julia S.
Thank you!!
rexreadingrobot at gmail dot com
Sin Undone by Larissa Ione

Jenn said...

One of my favorites this year is a kids book: The Boy Who Changed The World by Andy Andrews. So great for the kids to hear that they really do matter!

Donnetta said...

Donnetta D

I read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society last month.So far it's the best read.

Lisa said...

Lisa McGeen
No Mercy by Sherilyn Kenyon

Joann said...

Hi, my info Joann Downie
my favorite book this year is Sarahs Garden: A Patch of Heaven

Rebecca Wells said...

Rebecca W.

The Forest of Hands and Teeth, by Carrie Ryan.


MelissaStuff said...

Melissa C.
mmorr852 at hotmail dot com

Homecoming by Dan Walsh

Anonymous said...


Favorite book this year was: In Our Control by Laura Eldridge

♥Yaya's Mommy ♥ said...

itzacin at aol dot com
favorite book this year was The Shack.

Scoot said...

My favorite of this year is If I Stay by Gayle Forman! Thanks for the chance to win. Name = Scoot, email = seescootread[at]gmail[dot]com

Ruthie said...

A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

Janelle said...

What a delightful giveaway! One of my favorite books: She Walks In Beauty!
Best wishes,
Janelle Ashton,

Michele said...

The Help by Kathryn Stockett is a favorite so far this year.
Michele Lawrence

Kathy C said...

Kathy C

kd_collins @

Favorite book so far this year - First Drop of Crimson by Jeanine Frost

Anonymous said...

Melanie L

My favorite so far this year is Mockingjay-really all of the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. Thank you for the giveaway.

donnas said...

One of my favorites was Angels Blood by Nalini Singh

Donna S
bacchus76 at myself dot com

Tara said...


TaraTagli at gmail dot com

The Dead & the Gone by Susan Beth Pfeffer was awesome!

Thanks for the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

One of my favorites has been Jenny McCarthy Baby Laughs! I love her books and her sense of humor!

Asenath said...

I'm not sure what post to comment on...

arallison at gmail dot com

My favorite book that I've read in 2010 so far has been...Wintergirls

Esme said...

tea -yeah-favorite book-Cleopatra's Daughter

thank you

chocolate and croissants at yahoo . com


Pam S (pams00) said...

great set!

Lake Magic by Kimberly Fisk was one of my top reads this year.

Pam S
pams00 @

Anne J said...

Anne G.
ajolly1456 at gmail dot com

I'd have to go with Mockingjay as my favorite book so far this year.

katsrus said...

One of my favorites this year was Simple Wishes by Lisa Dale. I am a new follower. Thanks for the giveaway.
Sue Brandes

supremevision said...

Katrice M.
Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert
I am a follower

Teresa (Read All Over Reviews) said...

Teresa C. (I'm a follower)

Favorite book so far this year - Kitty Raises Hell (Kitty Norville, #6) by Carrie Vaughn

Linda Henderson said...

My favorite so far this year has been The Missing by Shiloh Walker.

seriousreader at live dot com

MannaB said...

i loved Paranormalcy!!!


maureen73 said...

Maureen R

My favorite book of 2010 is Roses:A Novel.

Felicia said...

Not sure if I should comment on this post or the other so I will say again, I love the Winter Garden so far this year! :)


Felicia B

Momma Teri said...

Teri H
Tuck Me in
strawberrykidssales at gmail dot com

ferretvamp14 said...

My favorite so far of 2010 are The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong and Black Magic Sanction by Kim Harrison. Thanks for the giveaway!

Ash L

holdenj said...

Thanks for the awesome giveaway. One of my favorite books this year has been The Weed That Strings the Hangman's Bag.
Julie H.

degood said...

Kerrie mayans

Fave book of 2010 is The Island.

Haydensmommy05 said...

My favorite this year is the time travlers wife!

MarthaE said...

Thanks for the Giveaway!
Martha Eskuchen
So hard to pick one favorite 2010 book. I will go with Girl Gone Nova by Pauline Baird Jones. But right now I'm reading her novella Tangled in Time and like that just as much. :)

tdean30 said...

Changes by Jim Butcher