Thursday, September 16, 2010

Second Day of Blogmania!!!

The Sweet Serenity of Books

The love of learning, the sequestered nooks,

And all the sweet serenity of books." ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Today is the BIG day! BLOGMANIA!!! Your chance to win all sorts of great prizes from 170 different bloggers and their sponsors!

Thanks for coming to this blog to enter. Here is what I have for you (click on the book cover or the book title to learn more about the book from Amazon):

Juliet - an ARC of Juliet by Anne Fortier (see review in yesterday's post) 

And since the theme of this giveaway is The Sweet Serenity of Books, I decided to include a teacup, a box of assorted teas, and a package of cookies to enjoy with your books! What else would you need on a lazy afternoon to keep you warm and cozy?

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, the Sweet Serenity of Books!

For a chance to win, just give me your name, email address, and the title of one of your favorite books of 2010 (so far). The giveaway ends at midnight, September 16 and I will choose a winner on Friday, Sept. 17. The winner will be posted on this blog on or before Monday, September 20.

Remember, you MUST give your name, email, and favorite book title of 2010 in your comment. Any comment without all three will not qualify. (If you would like to follow this blog, that will be GREAT, but is not required to enter the giveaway.) Also, this giveaway is for U.S. residents only.

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Historical Writer/Editor said...

Hello, having fun with blogmania! I just finished a good book called Sylvan Mist by Sky Purington. -laura
L_Hogg at comcast dot net

Anonymous said...

The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb! It wasn't released this year but it was my favorite book read in 2010 so far.


jkrowyn said...

Hello there. My name is Joani S, and one of my fav's this year is Cruel Enchantment by Anya Bast. thanks! Artesia at comcast dot net

Pam Emerson said...

Hi! Pam Emerson, here, pam{dot}helm{at}hotmail{dot}com. My favorite book this year (so far) is a book that's been out for a while: Insomnia, by Stephen King. It was my first time reading it, and it was great!

jskell911 said...

Kristen,jskell911atgmaildotcom, The Rembrandt Affair

Dana's World said...

my favorite books of 2010 were the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs.
Dana Sandstrom

Liz said...

My favorite so far was Dark Peril by Christine Feehan
Liz C

Terra H. said...

Although it wasn't released in 2010, I just finished reading Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris and it is a wonderful read. Thanks.

hollowsins said...

I love Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
amanda h

Henria O. said...

Henria O.
sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com
Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese

Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

Edna said...

Hi, I'm Edna. One of my favorite reads this year was Amy & Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson.
nalynboni AT gmail DOT com

SiNn said...

Hi most just call me SiNn long story a few very fuw call me by my given name of Bev theres alot of books out there im still reading She smells the dead By Ej stevens I love love her work

His Darkest Hunger awesome read if u havent read it do so

Joey hills new releases so many to name really those r the 2 i recently read

Connie Black said...

Great giveaway.
My favorite is The Host by Stephanie Meyer
Thanks for the chance...Connie Black
epblack at zoominternet dot net

arceli said...

My favorite book released this year is Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins.

Sherrie said...

Hi, my name is Sherrie Cruson and my favorite book of 2010 is 'So Cold the River' by Michael Koryta.

Thanks for the great giveaway!

HomemadeBaby said...

Marysa Nicholson
marysa at marysa dot com
My favorite book of the year so far is Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah.

katsrus said...

Lovin' Blogmania! Another book I loved was When Blood Calls by J.K.Beck(Julie Kenner).
Sue Brandes

Jenn S. said...

My favorite book title of 2010 has been Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins.
Jennifer Shelepet
jas8929 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Lona Wibbels
I really enjoyed the Shanghai Girl's (not sure who the author is)

Lona728@ yahoo dot com

Annie said...

I really liked Wonderous Strange by, Lesley Livingston.

Leslie Sakai

Wendy said...

Lovely contest!

I loved The Maze Runner this year:)

wendyhines (at) hotmail (dot) com

windycindy said...

Hi! You are sponsoring a wonderful prize package of books giveaway...
My favorite book of 2010 thus far
is All Unquiet Things by Anna Jarzab. 2010.
Many thanks, Cindi

LuLu said...

Great giveaway!

My favorite book this year was A Hope Undaunted by Julie Lessman. It kept me up all night!!

~Lauri M

Rebekah said...

Thank you for the giveaway. My favorite book I read this year is The Spanish Bow.

miryfaye at

TheCuttingEtch said...

I have read and loved all of Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse books this year

TheCuttingEtch1 at yahoo dot com

allisonsbj3 said...

Allison - allisonsbj3(at)gmail(dot)com

I loved Claude and Camille.

Linda Henderson said...

My favorite book so far has been The Missing br Shiloh Walker.

I follow on GFC.

seriousreader at live dot com

Norma said...

I really enjoyed The Dreadful Sadness of Lemon Cake

LAMusing said...

So far my favorite has been The Holy Thief

SpunkiiReader said...

Fav book: Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

Nikki L

malleycc said...

Hi I am chris swan my fav book so far this year is the last twilight book. I just finished it this year so that would be my fav.

malleycc (at) hotmail(d0t)c0m

John S. said...

My name is John Sutton. Favorite 2010 title so far is Hitch 22. email: jsutton.colorado(at) Thanks for the chance.

Val said...

One of my favorite books so far has to be Paranormalcy and Nightshade both amazing YA books.

truthbetold004 at gmail dot com

traveler said...

thanks for this great giveaway. My favorite book of 2010 was Mr. Rosenblum dreams in English. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

petite said...

Lovely books and giveaway. My favorite book this year was Eternal on the Water. rojosho(at)hotmail (dot)com

oona. said...

Great prizes, I would love to win! My favorite book of 2010 was Mockingjay!
Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

dddiva said...

Sherry Conrad

discriminating_diva at yahoo dot com

I'm not sure if it is this year but 20 Wishes was good
Very generous giveaway, thank you

Natalie said...

Hi, Natalie Vandenberghe here--nice to make your acquaintance.
"Super Sad True Love Story"
by Gary Shteyngart -- title intrigued me, so I grabbed it.
Hoping to win this great prize pack for my oldest daughter, an avid reader.
Thanks for the giveaway!

Andrea said...

Stephanie Meyers short story. Sadly, that is my favorite because it is the only one I have finished so far this year that I can remember. Two kids tends to take up my reading time. :o)

corinne said...

My favorite read of this year , though it was published in 2009 is "Sing Me Home" by Stephanie Kallos..I adored it!..if you haven't read it do..thanks for this giveaway..words and tea..what an afternoon!

jennifer57 said...


I just finished reading twilight

k_sunshine1977 said...

kisah j.

k_sunshine1977 at yahoo dot com

one of my favorites this year has been soulless by gail carriger

Felicia said...

Thank you for the great giveaway! I have to say my fave book so far this year has been Winter Garden. I loved it! :)

Felicia B


MommyWantsToRead said...

Right now I am reading Tami Hoag's Deeper than the Dead and it is soooo good. Sad but good.

Melissa R.

giveawaymommy at

lgm52 said...

I have enjoyed so many books this year. Guess one of the top favorites would have to be The Island by Elin Hilderbrand.

Leanna Morris

Karen said...

I just finished Outlive your life by Max Lucado and LOVED IT!

kpuleski at gmail dot com

Chris said...

chris Satko
favorite book this year-When the heart Cries by Cindy Woodsmall

(In)Fertile Myrtle said...

For a book published this year, Red Hook Road by Aylet Waldman. My favorite I've read this year is The Wedding Officer.


(In)Fertile Myrtle said...

For a book published this year, Red Hook Road by Aylet Waldman. My favorite I've read this year is The Wedding Officer.


Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...

Shelley z, email is in profile, favorite book title of 2010 is The new book of Soups

SalemMomma said...


Sadly, I have only had time to read one new book this year, which was Mockingjay. Everything else was a reread.:)

Sarah Lynne said...

Great giveaway!! I loved reading Last to Die by Kate Brady!!!

Sarah Coulsey

sarahcoulsey03 at gmail dot com

Shannon said...

Shannon, and my favorite book read so far was The Nobodies

Emily said...

Fun Giveaway!
I really liked The Help by Katheryn Stockett

Aubrey said...

I'd love to read the seeker. It's about time I dedicate some time to an adult book instead of reading to the kids.


Kim777 said...

My favorite book that I have read so far this year is The Story of Edgar Sawtelle.
kim777 at aol dot com

Benita said...

Fabulous! Thanks so much. My favorite this year has been A Mountain Between Us by Charles Martin. I'm a new GFC Follower.


Leann said...


Favorite book: Other by Karen Kincy

Jennifer Mathis said...

Demon from the dark by kresley cole

Sabrina Shields said...

My favorite so far this year has been All I Ever Wanted by Kristan Higgans.


Sabrina Shields

DarcyO said...


One of my favorite books this year has been "A Vintage Affair" by Isabel Wolff.

dlodden at frontiernet dot net

Anonymous said...

My favorite book so far this year is IMPATIENT WITH DESIRE by Gabrielle Burton. It is about the Donner Party.

Patricia Barraclough

librarypat AT comcast DOT net

Gretchen said...

Favorite book so far is Mockingjay!!

starz57182 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Please include me in your giveaway

Right now I'm reading Skizzer by AJ Kiesling, I won the book in a giveaway and it has proving to be a very good book, I'm half when through it.

Momma Teri said...

Teri H
Tuck Me in
strawberrykidssales at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Christine Haynie
My favorite book so far has been Relentless from Dean Koontz.

katklaw777 said...

i like the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.
Thanks for the groovy giveaway!
katklaw777 at yahoo dot com

Margay said...

I really enjoyed Insatiable by Meg Cabot.



sohamolina said...

Soha Molina

fave book so far this year: Geography of Bliss

Rachel said...

My favorite book of the year has been Mockingjay.
mutiger05 at gmail dot com

nicole s said...

Nicole Sender

Favorite book for this year: Hide by Lisa Gardner

Jennifer said...

My favorite book so far this year is Americans in Space by Mary E. Mitchell.
jryder416 at yahoo dot com
Thank you,
Jennifer Ryder

linaramz said...

One of my fave new books this year was Married with Zombies by Jesse Petersen. It was a really fun book. Thanks for the great giveaway!


Mare/TommyGirl said...

My favorite book of 2010 is Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. Such a great end to a trilogy of books.

great giveaway!

tommygirl828 (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

Alex H. lexigurl_17 (at) hotmail (dot) com I love " A Wrinkle in Time"

melanie said...

My fav. is The Notebook.

mi3ragamuffins at aol dot com

Lindsey said...

Silver Borne (mercy thompson series)
lindseyburrows at msn dot com

holdenj said...

A really good book I read this summer was Beachcombers, by Nancy Thayer! Thanks.
Julie H.

Laura said...

I read the twilight series this year! better than i thought!


Laura N.

AndiMac said...

One of my favorite books so far this year is Skinny Girl Dish. It's been a great read. I need to actually use it now.

Andi S
cochina1414 at yahoo dot com

bmom76 said...

One of my favorite books so far this year is Under the Dome.

deserae said...

Love Mockingjay!
deserae (at) gmail(dot) com

Chip said...

The Help has been my favorite - Jill L

Rebecca said...

Becky S.
Horns by Joe Hill

Cindy W. said...

Awesome giveaway.

My favorite book this year so far is A Distant Melody by Sarah Sundin.

Cindy Woolard


carma said...

one of the faves I've read this year is Die For You

Heather said...

My favorite book this year was Twilight.

Heather Haddox

Barbarawr said...

The best book I've read this year is The Last Song. I've heard of Nicholas Sparks but never read him before. And I would never go see the movie because I'm sure it would ruin the book for me.

bsw529 at gmail dot com

Violet said...

Hi! Thank you for hosting this book-filled Blogmania giveaway! A great book and a warm mug of tea is my idea of paradise! :)

- Violet
Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare is one of my favorite books so far this year. :)

Babyblue22 said...

One of my faves this year so far is Assassin's Kiss by Paris Brandon!

Thanks for the giveaways!

~Afshan N

Dan said...

Dear John - im so behind on reading :(

would love anything!

dkboyung at gmail dot com

krystall boyung


jennjennmom said...

Jennifer - jennjennmom
jennscl at gmail dot com

Favorite book this year so far - - - Sin Undone

AllTheWiser said...

One of my 2010 top faves
is Primordial by Denise Agnew.
Trin @ TLR33960 at hotmail dot com

Theresa M said...

My favorite book title of 2010 would be The Iron King by Julie Kagawa!

Theresa M

Candles by Nature said...

Hello, my name is Anna and my favorite book of 2010 so far has been The Lost City of Z.

candlesbynatureshop at gmail dot com

Breanne said...

My favorite 2010 book was the 5th Fablehaven book.

bmweida at yahoo dot com

ApachesPrincess said...

Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! My favorite 2010 book would have to be....hmmm....I really liked "Paranomraly!" I'm not sure if "Distant Waves" was debued in 2010 or not, but I loved that one as well!


Amanda said...

I am just finishing up reading the Bible cover to cover for the first time - so that's my favorite of the year!
Thanks for the giveaway-
Amanda A
winnieayala at yahoo dot com

SAPsMaMa said...

M. Phinney
mphin278 at yahoo dot com

my fav book is The Stand by Stephen King

Tiffani said...

Hi!!! I'm Tiffani and my favorite book of 2010 has been......The Hunger Games!!!! I just loved it sooooo much! I am a GFC follower!!!!Thanks a bunch! :)

Dina said...

Awesome prizes! Thanks for the chance to win. One of my 2010 faves is The Art of Choosing. aitmama {{at}} gmail {{tod}} com

missrantsypants said...

Melanie D.

I enjoyed reading Dear John this year!

missrantsypants said...

Melanie D.

I enjoyed reading Dear John this year!

Dakota said...

dakotasky55 at gmail dot com
favorite is Halo by alexandra adornetto(not sure how to spell name..

Jennifer Neal said...

Eat Pray Love... I know, corny! Thanks for the chance! :)

Liza said...

Elisabeth Tilton
gametryout at gmail dot com
Sebastian (fav book this year)

daizy16_11 said...

Jaime H

Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris!

nightowl said...

Kimberly B
winit6 at hotmail dot com
White Fang by James Patterson favorite book so far in 2010

Mrs. Cardenas said...

I think the only book I've gotten to read this year was Wicked by Gregory Macquire.

jengd said...

Honestly, I have a hard time with the 2010 book just because I have a munchkin who doesn't let me read much. A friend gave me "3 Bags Full" for my bday this year and I love it but I just checked and it's a 2005 book. Push come to shove, I'd say I'd likely enjoy Robin Hobb's "Dragon Haven" because I've enjoyed her other series, Farseer and Liveship Traders. I haven't read the first Rainwilds book but I really want to. jengd jgerwigdively (at) hotmail {dot} com

ylime1981 said...

One of my favorite books so far this year is Clockwork Angel.

Emily ebdye1(at)gmail(dot)com

Jennifer V. said...

Jennifer V.
Mockingjay is my fav book of 2010

Mippy said...

The best book I haveead so far this year is Midght Sons by Debbie Macomber
Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this giveaway!
~Mippy :)
bunnysmip at yahoo dot com

hendy said...

The best book I've read so far this year is Mockingjay (3rd book of The Hunger Games). Heather Henderson

kalea_kane said...

I really enjoyed Under The Dome by Stephen King.


Kelly B

Maiden Myth (aka Brianna Bruce) said...

Hey there! Thanks for the contest.

Brianna Bruce

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver