Thursday, February 17, 2011

Expresso Book Machines - The Future in Instant Book Publishing

Have you heard about the new Expresso Book Machine that will print out of stock and out-of-print books on demand right there in the bookstore as you wait (and watch)? You just search for the book you want (approx. 4 million books are available right now) and the machine prints out the cover and pages and then binds them all together. Voila! Instant book!

Here is the video that shows the machine and how it works:

You can even print copies of your own book. That's a neat idea for someone who wants to make books for friends and family, or wants to distribute their books themselves.

And here's another article about an EBM in Cambridge, Mass. that you might find interesting. I'd love to see one of these in action!

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Nicola said...

That is cool! But they have to get out of print books that are still under copyright into the system. THEN it will be the next best thing. I'll never go e-book, but I'd sure go print-on-demand for oop books *not* in the public domain!