Thursday, October 7, 2010

Book Review: Immanuel's Veins by Ted Dekker

I don't know if I have mentioned this yet on this blog, but I am a writer. I have written several short stories and articles and have been published about four or five times. I have often thought about writing fiction that depicts the Gospel in a way that is meaningful to the reader without straying from biblical truth. I want my writing to glorify God, and to think about writing an allegory that speaks of God's love and redemption of man has excited me, but it also has caused me to keep the story in my head and not put it on paper for fear of misrepresenting the Truth.

I believe Ted Dekker has come very close to doing what I have feared to do. He has taken the Gospel story and placed it in the time of castles, queens, knights, and swords. He has shown us, as a great story does, what happens when man faces evil and what happens when loves conquers all. This, to me, is one of Mr. Dekker's best works.

Immanuel's Veins
The year: 1772. The place: Moldavia. The main characters: Toma and Alek, soldiers sent by Catherine the Great to guard and protect two sisters, Lucine and Natasha. They are challenged by a Russian by the name of Vlad van Valerik and his minions, Stefan, Sofia, and Simion. Here is how the plot is described on the back cover of the book:

"It is a dangerous tale of times past. A torrid love story full of deep seduction. A story of terrible longing and bold sacrifice.

Then as now, evil begins its courtship cloaked in light. And the heart embraces what it should flee. Forgetting it once had a truer lover.

With a kiss, evil will ravage body, soul, and mind. Yet there remains hope, because the heart knows no bounds.

Love will prove greater than lust. Sacrifice will overcome seduction. And blood will flow.

Because the battle for the heart is always violently opposed. For those desperate to drink deep from this fountain of life, enter.

But remember, not everyone is for this story."

If you like books that will challenge, stir and maybe even change you, then you will like Immanuel's Veins. I know I did.

I give Immanuel's Veins 5 out of 5 stars.

Published by Thomas Nelson Publishers, September, 2010.

(I checked this book out of the local library to read and review. No need to say anything else.)


Carrie said...

I didn't know you were a writer. That's really neat!

I'm actually not a fan of Dekker but you've come the closest to making me interested! =D (Which is saying something, really.)

Cherry McGill said...

Liked your style of writing. Interesting blog you have. I heard about the book before as well but wasn't sure whether to go for it or not but now I am definitely going to buy it.