Saturday, January 15, 2011

Year in Review (In which I tell about all my reading accomplishments for 2010)

2010 was a good reading year for me. I discovered new authors, corresponded by email with a few of my favorites, and began my new journey into the wonderful world of book blogging! My blog is now one year and 5 days old. I am enjoying the reading and reviewing I have been doing and I hope to continue with many more this year. Here is a wrap-up of what I have accomplished in 2010:

Number of Books Read: 137

Fiction: 105

Non-Fiction: 27

Biography: 4

This year, I have decided to make a goal of reading at least the same amount (or more) of non-fiction/biographies as I do fiction. I have been reading too much fiction! So, my goal is to read at least 50 of each type. So far, so good. I have read 3 fiction and 2 non-fiction (and I am in the middle of a non-fiction now).

Number of Library Books Read (included in number of books read): 49 (my goal was 50! :))

Number of Reviews Written: 98

My goal for reviews is to write at least 100 this year.

I also read the Bible through in 2010. I am now reading the Bible again and my goal is to have it finished by April 1st (a personal challenge).

Now, I'd like for you to tell me: what did you do this past year? Did you reach any reading goals? What goals did you have that you didn't quite reach? Do you have any new ones for this year? Please leave a comment.

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(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

You had a wonderful year in books. May 2011 be just as good reading-wise at least.