Saturday, January 9, 2010

Al Mohler on the Kindle

One person I love to read is Al Mohler. The comments he has made on reading and books are ones that I completely identify with. Last month, he wrote a post about the Kindle and its increasing popularity. I myself have a Sony E-Reader. I love the size and portability. I also like how it can hold so many books at one time. However, lest you think I am wanting to replace all my printed books with my electronic versions, think again. There are advantages to both. To quote Mr. Mohler:

"Do not think of the Kindle as replacing the book. Bury that thought. Bury it deep. Then go and hold a favorite book in your hand. Enjoy. Then pile 50 of your favorite books and carry them with you all day, through airports, onto airplanes, checking into hotels, sitting in meetings, reading in bed at night. You get the point. You sit (gloriously) in a library. You take a Kindle in your briefcase."

I agree. I bought mine primarily for use on trips. My husband is happier now knowing we won't be hauling around so many books (I won't say how many :)) on a one or two week excursion. Me, too. There's more room in the car to bring home the new books I buy along the way.

What do you think? Do you own an e-book reader? Are you glad you do?


Sherry said...

You have ana e-book reader? I'm interested in them, but I don't underestand exactly how they work. Where do you get the books? Can you download free out-of-print books form the internet? Project Gutenberg? There are books at Project Gutenberg that I'd like to read, but not on my (desktop) computer. Do you buy the books? Does your library "check out" e-books?

Anonymous said...

I started using Kindle a few months ago. The first book I downloaded, thinking of Guttenberg, was an NIV Bible from Zondervan. This was a dreadful experience! I found I couldn't just type John 3:16 into the search and get the verse. Can you imagine! I sent the book back through cyberspace to where it came from.

I've gone on to read many books on my Kindle. It's the little things that bug me, like not being able to look to see how many pages are left--the kindle doesn't even have pages! (Pages are now called locations and there are a bunch of them on any given page.) Without real pages, it's hard to co-ordinate at Book Club with people using paper books.
But it is a glorious thing indeed to carry about a library.

like your new blog!

Caniad said...

I can see how the Kindle is great for some, but it doesn't really appeal to me, nor do I have the kind of lifestyle that requires a great deal of travel or commuting (where I can see the value of the Kindle).

I'm enjoying your blog posts, by the way. I added you to my feeds.