Sunday, January 10, 2010

More About Seize the Book

As you may have already noticed by the banners and links on this blog, I primarily read Christian books. Although I enjoy all kinds of fiction, this will be a place where I discuss and review non-fiction (not just Christian). Occasionally, my 13 year old son will join me to share his thoughts on the fiction he reads.

I will give you links to the blogs I read, including other book review blogs. There will also be links to the websites I find helpful and those that are entertaining. Sometimes I will tell you about the reading projects I am working on, and lists of books I have read and liked. An Amazon link to these books is in the sidebar.

Don’t hesitate to give suggestions on what you would like to see in this blog. I want it to be a good resource for you, and your input will help me in that endeavor.

Thanks for stopping by.


Carrie said...

I continue to look forward to hearing what you (and your son!) think about the books you read. I can tell that the chances I'll agree with your thoughts are high, considering the links on your sidebar. =)

Sounds like you have some fun ideas in mind!

DebD said...

coming over from your sister's blog. I, too, look forward to your reviews.

Leah C said...

I'm coming over from your sister's blog. I look forward to reading your reviews, and I love your blog title!